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TBS Leaders Prize 2013: the creativity of Tunisian youth

TBS Leaders Prize is a university contest launched by TBS Leaders Club on April 24, 2013. The contest is intended to take place in Tunis Business School (TBS) every Spring Semester and to engage students in innovative projects that have both individual and collective impact. The projects have to tackle current business issues; which is why, this year’s edition TBS Leaders Prize 2013 tackled the promotion of Tunisia under the title, Feeling Tunisia: Promote the Image of Tunisia in the World.


The contest was sponsored by Tunisiana, TAYP, 109 Communication Agency, Chopain and Barista’s and hosted an audience of guests from different fields: business students, teachers, journalists, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and artists who enjoyed watching the promotional work of fourteen participants, art performances by TBS students, and three talks by professional guest-speakers.  Participants presented their work in English in front of a jury made up of (from left to right) Sami Seddik, director of 109 Communication Agency; Narjess Aloui, TBS Marketing teacher; Hazem Berrabah, Tunisian cinematographer and producer of two short movies “Refuge” and “Maj’noun;” Wiem Saied, also TBS Marketing teacher; and finally, Mohamed Malouche, president of TAYP.

Most of the candidates participated with promotional videos, two students worked on promotional posters and one presented a smartphone application on Tunisian facilities. In this respect, themes related to different scopes: ecological investment, Tunisian education, Tunisia’s status through the revolution, and Tunisia’s benefits for investors… On the other hand, two students chose to initiate a whole campaign through an attitude, such as: Flying Attitude by Adnen and 3asslama Tounis attitude by Rawaa, which invite viewers to produce promotional videos/pictures of Tunisia in the same spirit. Similarly, three students made a difference by focusing on various forms of culture and resistance art; namely: Farah with a parody video Tunisia… Live a Dream, Nour with a performance video Dance … Resist … For a better Tunisia, and Amira with a saga of posters and a traditional dress sketching the traits of Salakta, one of the oldest towns situated in Mahdia. Other participants gave voice to tourists and exchange visitors in Tunisia conveying their enthusiasm to be here. Thus, all participants played the card of creativity and came up with innovative ways to promote Tunisia from different perspectives. Each student shed light on a different angle, sector, and area; at the same time, they all met at the point of spreading positive vibes in the sole aspiration to bring about attractive campaigns promoting the image of Tunisia in the world.

Along with the participants, the club invited amateur artists from TBS students to perform in the opening of the event and during the breaks. The opening of the contest was announced by an innovative version of the Tunisian National Anthem performed by the serene voices of Nada and Yosra. The originality of the anthem also lied at the rhythm of military durm beats that were accompanied by the sound of the violin and a  performance by Mohamed Salah flapping the Tunisian flag down through the auditorium steps toward the scene, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7tyZJY3jG8.  Each break also involved  music performances and funny sketches by TBS students.

The breaks were followed by guest speakers’ talks on different issues related to the social, political and economic status of Tunisia. As TAYP was a partner of the event, Mohamed Malouche gave a speech on “What Differentiates Tunisia” stressing the value of its educated workforce that is made up of active men and women. He also highlighted ways to best Promote the Image of Tunisia through cultural immersion.

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On the political and social stand, the Tunisian jounalist Emna Ben Jemaa also gave a speech on raising awareness against police violence as a crucial step towards maintaining freedom of speech and press.

The third guest speaker was Agronomics PhD student, Aziza Boussen, who presented a new social network, http://timecitizen.org/. TimeCitizen is a Tunisian social network that enables its members to find solutions to problems in their neighborhood or local area. Thus the network is intended for further enforcing solidarity.

TBS Leaders Prize 2013 set a new form of student engagement, be it at the level of organization, performance or project realization. It also gave an opportunity for students and professionals to share creative ideas and to network. Students thus had the chance to live an enriching experience where they could help in making a change and also enjoy awards and follow-ups.



By Ines Ghalleb

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