Tunisian American Young Professionals

TAYP members speak out

  • Meet an Executive Team Member: An Interview with Ikbel Achour

    By Courtney Joline TAYP is pleased to work with a newly expanded Executive Team who will manage a variety of organizational objectives and help to support the implementation of TAYP’s strategic vision for 2015. I had the opportunity to speak with Ikbel Achour about her background, her goals for the coming year, and the role […]

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  • Hear from a Board Member: An Interview with William Taylor

    By Courtney Joline An organization is only as strong as its members and supporters, and TAYP is proud to have a board of directors with a wide range of professional experience and expertise. I had the opportunity to speak with William Taylor, the current acting president at the United States Institute of Peace, and discuss the […]

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  • No Longer in a Temporary or Transitional State, Can We Now Get to Work?

    By Mondher Ben Hamida I was in China during the run-up to the legislative elections and couldn’t fulfill my civic duty. I made it back to my home in Los Angeles Saturday evening and was seriously considering flying to San Francisco (the closest polling center) to vote. Little did I know that while living in […]

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Recent Posts

  • TAYP Participates in NYNOW

    By Anis Mnif As part of its ongoing handicrafts program, TAYP participated for the fourth time in the NYNOW show in August, one of the largest trade fairs in the US, attracting over 30,000 visitors from the US and more than 80 countries. NYNOW is an opportunity for TAYP’s artisans to gain entry into the US […]

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  • Ideation Camp: Entrepreneurship Against Terrorism

      By Saoussen Mahjoub On July 13th, a number of civil society organizations, businesses, and institutions came together to organize a unique type of camp. Troubled by the attacks in Bardo and Sousse, the entrepreneurial community decided to address the issue of terrorism through the lens of business development, designing a one-day camp entitled “Entrepreneurship […]

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  • Annual TAYP Reception to Celebrate Tunisian Entrepreneurship

    By Ikbel Achour On the top of the hill of Sidi Bou Said, TAYP held its 5th annual reception, bringing together its members,friends, followers, supporters and partners to meet and mingle. This year, on August 18th, the event was held at La Villa Blue, a magnificent and newly refurbished boutique hotel. The venue offered the […]

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